Club champions - Golfclub Gastein

Year Ladies Senior Men Seniors Youth
2014 Manuela Brandtner Christl Sendlhofer Christopher Fisher Peter Knoll Chris Fisher
2013 Theresia Knoll Theresia Knoll Lukas Pirnbacher Peter Knoll Lukas Pirnbacher
2012 Manuela Gruber Elisabeth Weichenberger Lukas Pirnbacher Gustl Kratzwald Lukas Pirnbacher
2011 Martina Sendlhofer Theresia Knoll Michael Gross Gustl Kratzwald Viktor Malhotra
2010 Martina Sendlhofer Theresia Knoll Michael Gross Peter Knoll Viktor Malhotra
2009 Renate Woitschach Renate Salzmann Michael Gross Johann Kofler Lukas Pirnbacher
2008 Martina Sendlhofer   Michael Gross    
2007 Verena Steinlechner   Michael Gross    
2006 Verena Steinlechner   Michael Gross    
2005 Verena Steinlechner   Michael Gross    
2004 Verena Steinlechner   Michael Gross    
2003 Verena Steinlechner   Michael Gross    
2002 Verena Steinlechner   Robert Bacher    
2001 Verena Steinlechner   Michael Gross    
2000 Verena Steinlechner   Michael Gross    
1999 Verena Steinlechner   Michael Gross    
1998 Verena Steinlechner   Hermann Pichler    
1997 Verena Steinlechner   Michael Gross    
1996 Verena Steinlechner   Peter Bräuer    
1995 Verena Steinlechner   Robert Bacher    
1994 Verena Steinlechner   Peter Bräuer    
1993 Regina Berghofer Hagl   Peter Bräuer    
1992 Verena Gegenfurtner   Hermann Pichler    
1991 Verena Gegenfurtner   Michael Gross    
1990 Eike Tschorn   Michael Gross    
1989 Eike Tschorn   Peter Bräuer    
1988 Elfi Riedl   H.C. Winkler    
1987 Elfi Riedl   Norbert Ellmauer    
1986 Elfi Riedl   Michael Gross    
1985 Elfi Riedl   Herbert Lenz    
1984 Monika Blumschein   Herbert Lenz    
1983 Maresi Handl   Horst Domanig    
1982 Maresi Handl   Hermann Pichler    
1981 Maresi Handl   Klaus Hofer    
1980 Monika Blumschein   Klaus Hofer    
1979 Uta Straubinger   Hermann Pichler    
1978 Uta Straubinger   Hermann Pichler    
1977 Liselotte Lindinger   Klaus Hofer    
1976 Monika Blumschein   Klaus Hofer    
1975 Monika Blumschein   Kurt Schweiger jun.    
1974 Monika Blumschein   Klaus Hofer    
1973 Anni Schwaiger   Kurt Schweiger sen.  

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